Oliver Vaccaro

Oliver Vaccaro


“it felt incredibly liberating. This work has been incredibly valuable to me, both in a personal and a professional sense.”

Joeri Heegstra

 “I found out it was something I had experienced before: being a child. The curiosity and joy I felt during the last two days were so special and magical.”

Ellie DE LANGE   

Joris Camelin is a french Danseur living in Berlin.

He has worked on international scene for the last 20 years with

choreographer such as Meg Stuart and Laurent Chetouane.

From Circus School to tango, from mime to Ballet and Opera singing,

his path is eclectic.

He his nowadays, in parallel to his career, facilitating breathing, movement and voice journeys around Europe.

Committed to creating accessible, inclusive and nourishing practices, he is since years, sharing his energy and experience with groups of actors, dancers, disable people, architects, amateurs...

Rediscovering the magic simplicity of the senses and using those to allow the emergence of an intimate, soft but powerful individual comfort zone.

A continuous tending toward the consolidation and deepening of human exchanges.


“in that have touched upon, and am still now, a sense of deep and vast peace, wholeness and subtle joy. Like coming/being home in myself. “

Erik van de wijdeven

“I met myself in a very peaceful and powerful way. Myself was not ‘me', it was ‘us’. A shared energy, something we all have inside us. My eyes feel opened, I touched an energy deep inside that feels eternal. The fact I touched that, gives me so much freedom and power to live without fear of losing that. Because I know it will come back like a boomerang.”